Fringe last weekend

This is the last weekend for the Kansas City Fringe Festival and your last chance to see LOVE, NUMBERS, AND TELEVISION at the Unicorn Theater this Saturday night.  This is composer Ryan Oldham’s opera Numera and composer Jonathan Robertson’s music drama, And the TV Said

th_525007_10152581678925641_185498513_nRyan Oldham’s Numera is partly a children’s opera with plenty of room for adult interpretation, this opera can be very innocent or quite bawdy.

Set in a fictional landscape where a Square and a Triangle live, while they don’t always see eye to eye, Square and Triangle are able to coexist peacefully.  The Triangle is an excellent gardener; the Square is an exceptional engineer, who at the onset of the opera is building a wall.  One morning, a new shape arrives in Numera – the Circle.  Both Triangle and Square are surprised at first, but then become overwhelmingly infatuated with the Circle.

th_539838_10152581678680641_1574266968_nTo settle the matter of affections, the Circle calls for a contest between the Triangle and the Square to see who can sing a better love song.  The winner will accompany the Circle home – away fromNumera.

Numera premiered early this year at UMKC and now the Fringe Festival gives another stage to this very fun and boisterous opera that will leave you smiling and shaking your head!

69146_300Composer Ryan Oldham, originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, is currently an adjusct professor at UMKC and is the instructor for the conservatory’s online courses.  He holds a D.M.A. from the University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance (2008), M.M. from the University of Louisville (2002) for music composition and theory, and a B.A. from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1999).

Ryan Oldham’s music has been performed in Sweden, Mexico, and the United States.  His research on Henry Cowell was presented at the 34th annual Conference of the Society for American Music.  Oldham has been a guest clinician and resident composer for several organizations, including the Kentucky Opera, “Composers in the Schools”, and several high school music programs.

Also during the KC Fringe Festival, Oldham will team up with David D. McIntire and Brian Padavic for the Experimental Electronic Music Showcase.  Their trio (The Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes) plays a mix of electronic and acoustic music that changes from performance to performance.  R.Andrew Lee, minimalist pianist for Irritable Hedgehog ( , will premiere Oldham’s “Inner Monologues” this September.  Oldham also plans to begin work on his fourth opera, a Noir – style story with nods of the music of the 1930’s.

KC Fringe Festival is full swing so take this opportunity to see great performance art in Kansas City’s finest venues.

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