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Spears logoSpears Personal Training was my best discovery last year.  After twelve years of running my knees were giving out and there is truth to age and gravity, so last year I set out to find a new means of exercise.  After looking at numerous gyms I realized that my work out would have to include a trainer, someone who could show me what to do and how to do it and that someone was Chris Spears.  Every week Chris offers different workouts using five different stations within his studio, working five areas of the body.  Each class is limited to eight people and it’s 50 minutes with stretching before and after each session.  Chris also provides nutritional tips, healthy meal suggestions and ideas to improve overall well being.  

Here’s more about Chris Spears….

Being an athlete and fitness nut my entire life, I was surprised to see my health decline when I took my corporate America job at 30.  The office environment stunned me where not only did I see myself gain 40 pounds over a 5-year period, but I witnessed how unhealthy and unhappy most of my coworkers were.  I spent the next year getting myself back into shape, but noticed at 36 it was much harder than when I was younger.  I had my body, my health, and the pep in my step back, life was good and I was happy.  This prompted my journey into personal training.  I became certified through ISSA in 2006 and have been a full-time personal trainer ever since.  Now at 43 I continue to educate myself and experiment with ways to get fit the fastest and stay fit the easiest.  I have developed a system of working out three days a week (in 50 minute sessions) and created a strategy for nutrition that keeps me fit and with very little effort.  I even enjoy a few beers, pizza, ice cream or anything I want a few times a week.  My clients experience results and workout to live not live to workout.  I have trained clients from 14 to 84.  My eight years experience has allowed me to assess and understand the goals of many individuals and develop routines tailored to common needs.  With our whole health focus, we improve your overall well being.


Here’s more about Spears Personal Fitness…

We provide a private studio to conduct the workouts, no one watching that is not part of the group training.  We utilize functional strength training that is designed as a full body workout to burn body fat, increase metabolism, tone muscles, and improve our ability to do and get everything we want out of life.

Our workouts changes daily so you and your muscles never get bored.  There is always something new to try.  We have the best Small Group Personal Training set up in town that allows us to give you a variety that is unmatched.

We teach you progressions of our exercises so the beginner and the advanced can both benefit in the same class.  There is always an easier or harder version of any exercise, the key is to find the right starting point for you and we help to work up from there.

We have TRXs, Dumbells, Kettle Bells, Pull Up Bars, Rings, Resistance Bands, Medicine Balls, and the list goes on.  Imagine a work out that takes the best most functional equipment and then picks the best exercises from each piece of equipment and puts it all together in a way that a beginner can start with and work their way up, or an advanced person can take their work out to an even higher level.

Our goal is not to just get you into shape, but to keep you in the best shape of your life.

If you are interested in learning how to work out and apply a nutrition strategy that will allow you to spend less time in the gym and more time living please contact Chris at spears120@hotmail.com.

Spears Personal Training is located at 4233 Roanoke Road, Suite 101 in Westport (Westportroad and Southwest Trafficway behind Sonic).  It’s a great workout with nice people and for me a great way to start the day.   Spears Fitness web site.

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