The Classic Cookie

Classic CookieIt’s no secret The Classic Cookie is one of my favorite restaurants. They serve terrific soups, salads and sandwiches and offer a breakfast and lunch special daily. You can usually find me there a couple time a week for lunch and I serve their delicious food for all of my real estate lunches and events that I host. The following article was written by owner Leslie Stockards for her cookbook, The Classic Cookie & Cafe Cookbook.


Opening more than 25 years ago, The Classic Cookie was the creation of Joanne and Hugh McNamara. They opened the first “Cookie” on the Country Club Plaza and eventually opened another location in City Center Square. In the early 1980’s they consolidated their location to the current Waldo location, expanding their space. The Classic Cookie was a “classic” ladies tea room and, in fact, offered tea parties in the early afternoon hours. They had a limited menu but ALWAYS the mouth watering cookies and scrumptious muffins we still enjoy today.

I had visited The Cookie on several occasions with my friends, enjoying especially the sour cream coffeecake muffin, and thought it was a remarkable place. I was at that time doing independent catering and enrolled in culinary school. One morning I was driving home from a rather exhausting catering job and pulled up at the intersection right in front of The Classic Cookie. I rested my head on the steering wheel and looked over into The Cookie. I thought to myself, I wonder if Joanne would be interested in selling her place. Without further thought I pulled into a parking place and hopped out of my van. I walked in, asked to speak with Joanne, reintroduced myself and asked if she would be interested in selling her cafe. She responded yes! The rest, as they say, is history!

Since August 1, 1998 I have been “cooking along” at The Cookie. Most of you know I’m not much of a ladies tea room type person so I slowly turned the emphasis of the restaurant from a ladies place to a neighborhood place… complete with a moose for you gentleman customers! The moose is always in festive gear for the holidays and most people check to see what he is wearing. The recipes for the cookies and muffins have not changed since the McNamara’s began the cafe (how could you improve on heaven?!) and I thank them for giving me this fantastic opportunity. I hope you will all continue to enjoy our company and food for years to come.

Leslie Stockard


The Classic Cookie is located at 409 W Gregory (the corner of Wornall and Gregory Blvd.) and visit their website


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