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Local KC Mom Lands Her Own Rennovation Show on the DIY Network 

I have had the good fortune to work with Tamara Day and her team in finding them homes for their new television show, “Bargain Mansions.” Here’s her background and some more information about the show. Enjoy!

Tamara Day of Leawood, Kan., has renovation and design work in her blood. What began as a creative means of punishment (if she missed her curfew, she was tasked with hanging Sheetrock), actually fostered her passion for DIY construction and rehabbing homes.

“I don’t know why he had so much Sheetrock to hang, but he did,” Day told the KC Star in an interview. “Manual labor was Dad’s favorite punishment.”

Day and her husband Bill began renovating older homes more than 15 years ago, starting with a decaying house they purchased near St. Louis. In 2008, they bought a 5,000-square-foot home in Leawood that had been sorely neglected and fell into foreclosure. At the time, they had three young children; as such, it was their intention, she has said, to contract out most of the manual labor. However, due to the concurrent economic collapse, Day opted to do the bulk of the work herself.

“We love the transformation process, taking something old and beat up and turning it into something beautiful,” Day told the KC Star. “I also love the physicality — the getting dirty and playing in the mud.”

Several years and a dozen or so renovation projects later, Tamara Day Designs (now Growing Days) was established. Fast forward to 2016, and Day has landed herself a DIY Network show, “Bargain Mansions,” premiering this fall. The show centers on large, neglected homes that need a significant amount of work. She and her team (co-starring her father) strive to refurbish and salvage as many historical aspects as possible. The show, produced in coordination with Reality Road Entertainment and HGTV, will feature 12, 30-minute episodes and will spotlight homes around the Kansas City urban core.

Here’s a clip from the pilot season “Little Money Mansions” (now “Bargain Mansions”)

Headshot below. Courtesy of GrowingDays.com


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