Finding an Agent

Buyers Agent

The buyers agent works exclusively for the buyer; is entrusted with the responsibility of representing the buyer’s interest during the home buying process. The buyers agent will:

Help you find the fight home to match your needs.

Explain finance options and help you place your loan.
Provide you with information about the home and community.
Respond accurately and honestly to your questions.
Disclose material defects about the home.
Discuss types of insurance that are required.
Prepare a Competitive Market Analysis on comparable properties.
Council you on what price to offer the seller.
Present your offer to the seller.
Negotiate for your offer and counteroffers.
Represent you in the purchase of unlisted properties.


FINDING YOUR AGENT – It’s important to interview your potential agent; how many homes do they sell a year, what is there annual volume, how long have they been selling real estate, do they work part time or are they a full time agent, are they familiar with the areas where you want to buy and ask for references?

Buying a house is probably the biggest and most important investment of your life so be sure and make good decisions about your real estate agents.


Buyers Agency

Document signed by both you and your agent to protect both parties and insure your agent is working for you exclusively.

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