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Just up the hill from Hyde Park and east of the Plaza is Southmoreland, home of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Kansas City Art Institute and the Kemper Museum of [...]

Spears Fitness

Spears Personal Training was my best discovery last year.  After twelve years of running my knees were giving out and there is truth to age and gravity, so last year I set [...]

Hyde Park

Every morning I have the good fortune to walk my dog Rocky through Hyde Park.  Hyde Park stretches from Linwood to Brush Creek and Gillham road to Troost.  Within that [...]

The Restoration of 20 Janssen Place

  Eric and Jane Piper bought 20 Janssen Place in July 2011 and moved into the house in March of 2013 after the renovation of the attic and part of the second floor had [...]